What is Unmata style ITS?!
ITS stands for Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance. It was created by Amy Sigil of Unmata more than 10 years ago in Sacramento, California. Working in much the same way as ATS, ITS has a set vocabulary of movements and cues which enables us to dance together as a group improvisationally.
In class you will learn both slow and fast vocabulary, and how use this to improvise in groups. Get ready to work, sweat, laugh and love!


What should I wear/bring to class?

Where something you’ll feel comfortable in and that you can move in, such as leggings or sports trousers and a tank top or vest. Bring a notepad and plenty of water!


I’ve never danced before, can I join these classes?

Absolutely! Level 1 starts at the very beginning, and throughout the course new moves are broken down in detail, making the classes very accessible.


I have experience in other dance styles/Belly dance/Tribal Belly dance, do I have to start with Level 1 classes?

Yes. Unmata style ITS has a very specific vocabulary of movements and students must be competent in Level 1 moves before moving on to Level 2.


When can I move to Level 2?

Once you have completed the full 7-hour cycle for Level 1 you are welcome to take the end of level test. This will determine whether or not you are ready to move on to Level 2. Everybody is different and will learn at a different pace. On average, however, students generally require 2 or 3 cycles of Level 1 before being able to pass the Level 1 test.


What is involved in the test?

In the Level 1 test you will be asked to lead and follow all moves from the Level 1 syllabus, both fast and slow. You will be assessed on your ability to perform the moves, and you will be given detailed written feedback, whether you pass or not. For more information, please contact me: info@catherinetaylordance.co.uk